Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Cool Spot

This is Emma's favorite spot. I guess it is because the slate tiles are cool. When she slows down, I can usually find her on the fireplace hearth.

We have had her now for a little over 8 days. We are doing better on our house training but still have little mistakes. Yesterday I finally broke down and shampooed the carpet. I think I will just keep the machine close by just in case.

Today I am going to the pet store to get a clicker. Hopefully this will allow me to get her attention (other than yelling at her) when she does something wrong.

One minute you can be angry with her and the next she looks at you with those sad puppy eyes and it melts your heart. How can you possibly be angry with something so precious that God has created. I feel that a dog is special as God used his own name backwards for this special creature.

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