Sunday, June 29, 2008

Emma's - Wags her tail with her heart!

Such an angel when she is asleep but watch out when she is awake. I should have named her Double Trouble, she is into everything. She has got to have something in her mouth every waking minute. So far I have been able to rescue most things but you can't let her out of your site.
We still have a ways to go on potty training. She had several accidents yesterday but I have been home this morning and able to watch her closer. So far so good!
Dogs: God's way of showing us how to be happy.


Cora from Nelia's Primitive Place said...

Oh, I'm just lovin' this!!!! It brings back all the memories of "Bringing Up Buster" just a year ago. He caught on to potty training within a week or two, but the chewies?????? He still loves to rip up cardboard, plastic, and anything else he thinks I don't want him to have. I've spent a fortune in chew bones, toys, etc. But his all time favorite toy is the plastic soda bottles -- the big ones! Lots of noise, and since he can't seem to hold it in his mouth, it's like a professional hockey game as he chases it all over!!! I only wish Buster could meet Emma!!!!

You can meet Buster over at my blog if you wish. He's there in all his glory!!!!

Bob said...

I went to your blog and Buster is fantastic! It is good to read that someone else has gone through all of the antics of a very energetic puppy. Hopefully Emma will not break through the window. It is funny how one minute you can be so upset with them and the next minute they look at you with those eyes and they once again melt your heart.