Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Little Over a Month

We have had Emma now for a little over a month. We are uncertain of her exact age but we guess she is somewhere about five months old give or take a month. She has gained 10 pounds and seems to have gotten a foot taller. Her coat is very soft and shiny, along with her perfectly white teeth. She is getting much better about letting me sleep late. She is still a furry ball of energy who loves to run, romp and play. She has started digging in the last few days and is still having occasional accidents in the house. She gets into everything and if it can be chewed on, she will do it. Her favorite place is still in front of the fireplace on the cool slate hearth. Matter of fact, she is there sleeping right now. We have switched her over to Science Diet Large Puppy Food and so far has made the switch without any gastric upset. She went to the Vet last Tuesday and got the remainder of her puppy shots so now she is good to go with the next event being spayed in August or September. Having a puppy again has been a challenge but it has showed me that I have much more patience this time around and realizing that most of the accidents are due to my lack of attention. We seem to have a great relationship and she is starting to learn that it is fun to just cuddle up and be rubbed rather than chewing on my hand. I still miss Megan very much but am thankful for the opportunity I have been given to let a new little life into our home.


ByLightOfMoon said...

Emma is a joy in our lives although at the time I did not know if I was ready yet for another.

She is my second female dog and Golden Retreiver, Opps, I had a Skipperkke as a child, but she lived outside and I took her for granted.

Emma lives in our home and will eventually sleep in our bed as Megan and Jordan, she sleeps now in her crate as still too young to roam the house. She plays till she wear out, a short nap and back at it. Our vet told us she has the mind of a three year old attention span so I keep reminding myself of this.
Welcome Emma, to our home!
Smiles and Blessings, Cyndi

Cora from Nelia's Primitive Place said...

I'm just so glad that Emma is so happy with you guys, and that YOU are so happy with her! I love her name --- just fits somehow. All that you are going through is so much like Buster -- the biting of the hands, digging, etc. Both have stopped now. I was so afraid he would dig under the fence and get out. But he seems to be respecting his boundaries. He does sleep in bed with me -- he has since we got him. He sleeps so hard that it was never a problem with him getting up or roaming.

Aren't they just the greatest???? I love coming here for updates!