Thursday, June 26, 2008

Days 3 and 4

Each day she is getting better and better with her potty training. So far today we have not had any accidents. I am keeping my fingers crossed. She is so inquisitive! It can be a bird flying over or something as simple as a fly. She has eyes like a hawk. It is exciting to watch her experience new things for the first time. This morning I heard a lot of barking and carrying on and she was standing on the bed looking at herself in the mirror.

She is on the couch asleep next to Cyndi as I write. But when she wakes up watch out. She is into everything. She has two speeds, high and off. Today she was carrying my lunch box around. I guess she thought I had brought her a present when I got home from work.

She sleeps all through the night and is having no problems with the crate, but she wants to put her mouth on everything. I am giving her lots of chew toys but every so often I catch her with some forbidden fruit and have to rescue it from her clutches. I would post more pictures but usually all I get is a blur, as she moves before the camera can focus.

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