Monday, June 23, 2008

Today's the day!

Well, today is the day. I got the call this morning from the Humane Society that we had been chosen and we could come and pickup our 20 pound bundle of love (Emma) anytime. It was a long day, I did not get off work until 3 PM but some good friends let me get off about 2:30 PM and it was off to the shelter to get Emma.

Emma had been moved to a Veterinary Clinic by the Golden Retriever Rescue Service so that she would not get sick. We had to go to the Humane Society first and pay the adoption fee and then we were off to the animal hospital to pick up our new bundle of joy.

When we got there we had a surprise, they had given her a bath and she was all cleaned up and ready to go. Jordan met his new step sister in the waiting room and tails began to wag. They both hit if off from the start. Jordan just could not get enough of this little sweet bundle of energy.

She rode back home in my lap while my wife drove. She was so interested in everything going on around her. She did not get car sick but she was so excited that she did have a small accident in my lap.

We got back to town and she got to meet her step brother Barkley. Once again it was all wagging tails and lots of licking.

We finally made it back home and she got to explore the back yard and have fun with the water hose. We moved into the house and there were even more things to check out. We had one more accident in the house but otherwise she has been a really good girl. She was so tired but refused to give in to sleep.

Next we are going to settle in for the night and I will be introducing her to her new crate. Wish us luck.

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