Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Our first full day

She slept her first night all night long (about 8 hours) and did not mess her crate. She has had several accidents today but we are trying really hard. She is asleep right now and looks like a little angel. We have an appointment at the Vets this afternoon to get started on all of her shots. When she is awake she is into everything. I have given her a rawhide bone which keeps her occupied for a while, and of course she has all kinds of dog toys. She has already torn up the newspaper and chewed up a small bamboo plant. You have to watch her like a hawk. She was out in the back yard smelling a flower and the next thing I new she took a big bite out of it.

Did I mention that I discovered that she was left at the Humane Society at night in one of their drop off cages. I can't believe that someone would throw away something so precious. I will definitely make up for lost time and shower her with love and affection.

She has been asleep for about an hour now so I better go wake her up or she won't sleep tonight.

We went to the Vet and she was a big hit with with all of the Vet Techs. She got her rabies and parvo shot, got her heartworm preventive and flea treatment. They checked her over for worms, and pronounced her fit as a fiddle. The Vet figures that she is somewhere around four months old so we still have got a couple of months till she will be spayed. We got her an ID Tag (purple) and a shiny new rabies tag. She is now a big girl. Three more weeks and back to the Vet for another parvo booster shot.

One last stop at PetSmart for a teething toy. Once again she was a hit in the store. We are now home and she is once again into everything. We have a long way to go on the potty training but she is pretty smart and will learn fast. She has found a new playmate in Jordan. I hope that it keeps him young.

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Cora from Nelia's Primitive Place said...

I can't tell you how happy I am for you and Cyndi in finding Emma (or did she find YOU!). I've been following the heartaches of your losing your beautiful companions, and this just made me so happy that you found Emma like this. She looks like so much fun, and I'm sure this will be a time you will never forget.

Can't wait to come back and read more and see more of you and Emma as you begin this new chapter!!!!!