Thursday, March 19, 2009

Passing of a special friend

Jordan was born on October 20, 1967 and died this past Monday, March 16, 2009. He was a champion tennis ball fetcher who loved to swim and go everywhere in the car. Jordan had been sick for the past few weeks with a cough which turned out to be some type of tumors in his lungs. He was doing fine and then suddenly went into a seizure shortly after lunch and it was almost 2 hours later by the time the Vet got enough Valium into his system to stop the seizure. We had already made the decision not to prolong his life and opted for quality of life. We did not want him to ever have to go through the seizure again so in a very quite room with both of us and the Vet at his side,he went peacefully to sleep and crossed the rainbow bridge to be with Megan (his mate) who died last May from another type of cancer. He will be missed but he knew that we loved him as we totally shared our lives over the past eleven years.

I'll always love you Jordan!

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