Friday, January 27, 2012

Time Goes By

Time sure fly's by, as Emma will be 4 next month. She is such a beautiful dog. She and her brother from a different mother, Bailey have such fun together. Baily will be 3 in June. These two Golden's frolick, run, and play the day away. It must be great to be a dog. So much to see, so much to smell. To run as fast as you can and then flop down and take a nap. Maybe if I am lucky, I will come back as a dog in my next life. Of course it would be my luck to have an owner than kept me chained and alone. No, I would not want that. My dogs are very spoiled. They are members of the family. Whoever gets to the couch first gets the best seat. We share almost everything except the items that are not good for dogs. They sleep right beside us on the bad and go with us everywhere in the car. We certainly have a special relationship with our dogs.

The woods of North Carolina are a great place to be in the Winter. Now that the leaves have fallen and the brush has died back it is heaven for a dog to run at his or her heart's content. We have lots of deer and every once in a while they chase after one but they never really get close. We took Emma to a Christmas Parade in December and she meet her first horses. I don't think she knew what to make of the giant creatures.

Today is a beautiful cool sunny day and they are outside enjoying every moment.

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ByLightOfMoon said...

Yes, they can't wait to go outside when they wake up and the kitten
"Lily" they brought to us and we adopted follows them. They can go across our street to an abandoned road up a hill and pretty soon I see Lily's tail in the air as she follows them. She knows the woods as well as they do!
Smiles, Cyndi