Monday, December 20, 2010


I was setting at the computer about lunch time and heard this crying sound. I didn't do anything until I heard the second cry. I went outside and I could see Bailey but could not see Emma. I could hear the crying coming from over by the fence and when I got there I found Emma under the deck stuck and crying for help. She could only get her muzzle out. She had gone under down where the yard slopes down and now she was up where the ground almost meets the deck. Now Emma is a pretty big girl and weighs in somewhere in the high seventys and is very tall for a Golden.

What to do; tear up the deck, get a shovel, call the Fire Department? I finally convenced Emma to back up and turn around and head back down the under the deck to where the yard is farther away from the wood. She was still stuck but after a few minutes of dog power she was able to pull herself out. She was not hurt and just a little dirty from the bare earth under the deck. I don't know if she chased something under or what. I put a big rock to block her from attempting the feat in the future.

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