Monday, September 7, 2009

A Trip to the Park

I had back surgery 17 days ago and on doctors orders I have to start walking. Well we took Emma to Orr Park in Montevallo. This is a great park with a creek running through it and concrete walking trails. There is also about 25 acres of lush green grass in the middle of the park surrounded by the walking trails. I walked out into the middle and turned Emma loose from her lead. (All dogs are to be kept on a leash at all times). She is such a free spirit. It made my heart fly just watching her run in loops and circles as fast as she could go. Then she would race back to me and start all over again. I wish I had a big farm where I could let her run every day but my little back yard is tiny. She did pretty good until she spotted other people and Emma loves everyone and she just has to go over and say hello. Well some people don't like the idea of a 75 pound Golden Retriever running at them at full speed even though she would not harm anyone. She ignores me and runs around her prey jumping and sniffing. Suddenly she is deaf to the sound of my voice and acts like she has never seen me before. Then after I finally get to her and get her back on the leash all is well. I am a responsible pet owner and pick up after my dog. I wish we had a dog park like they do in other states where you can go in and turn your dog loose and let them run. The only people inside the park are other pet lovers who eagerly welcome another dog as well as their own. I don't understand why our city and county leaders have not figured out that we need an area for dogs and people to interact. I just wish we had one dog park for at least every ten people parks. The City of Hoover is actually securing funding and starting to build a park for dogs. This will be the first park within a hundred miles of our area. I can only hope that more city and county leaders will see the light and start their own projects.

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