Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Poor Pansies, Emma chews them up!

We hope you have enjoyed the video of our daughter, Lisa with the crate ( Dog Digs) easy up and down method for using it. You can take it anywhere with the carry-bag and easy put up and take down she shows in the video.

Emma has now even decided she enjoys an afternoon nap in hers to be away from the main part of the house, as it is in our bedroom for her nighttime but we trust her enough now to not close the zippers on it.

She is a good girl and the main problem with her chewing is my pansies in my flowers pots on our back porch. She loves destroying them. OUCH! We got some new ones today for replacements and I may have to use some wire fence if I can get it around the pots. Good luck to me! I may need it. It got to freezing here the last two nights and the pansies droop, but they perk back up in the daytime sunshine.

We had to take her back to the vet yesterday to look at a place on her belly where the stitches were from the spay a couple of weeks ago. It looked like a stitch was still there and inflamed but the Vet said it was an inflammation of an inside stitch and gave us a RX for inflammation. She eats the pill like it was candy. so that makes it easy for us.

She and Jordan have actually been playing together a little lately. I love that they are starting to become friends. Jordan has still been so sad from missing Megan, his mate we lost this spring.

I don't think he was quite ready for a puppy but it is working out fine. After all, he just turned 10 years old and is not as active as Emma.

I thank God for giving them to us as the enjoyment with them both far outweighs any attitude
of anger that she gets into something and chews it till destroyed. She still is teething and we have bones and chewies available for her. I have many squeakers from toys and filling I could make new ones or repair old ones, if I only would do it.


They both enjoy the new pumpkin toy from Halloween and play with it alot. Emma also likes her plush TEAPOT we will have available at MyShop4Pets online shop. In fact, we have many new toys and books to add, so sign up for our newsletters and see for yourself as we add new merchandise.

I appreciate all our customers and your business.
Smiles, Cyndi

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mary said...

Emma is so sweet! I had a golden for 16 years, named Sunny. She was my best friend. I now have a yellow lab, named Sammy, and she's just as sweet and loving. I remember when my golden got fixed, the vet said to have her take it easy a couple of days. Yeah, right! She popped and split open every one of those darn stitches! Oh, you gotta love em!....