Tuesday, September 9, 2008


It has been a little over five weeks since I last posted to our blog. I have been recovering from back surgery and it has been slow going. Emma is doing fine and is now up to about 50 pounds. She has so much energy and can run and jump like a pony. She loves to play in her wading pool. She puts her head under the water and blows bubbles from her nose. She met her first toad the other night and was very interested in this strange creature. Emma will be somewhere around seven months old at the end of this month (since she was a rescue we will never know what her exact birthday was but the vet estimates this based on the development of her teeth), and it is getting to be time to have her spayed. I hate to have to leave her overnight at the clinic. She will probably be a much better patient than I was at the hospital. She is at the back door right now chasing flies that have gotten into the house. I still have a problem with her biting and jumping which is going to have to be addressed. Perhaps a obedience class at Pet Smart might be a good idea. Since I have been home for the last five weeks, we are beginning to bond more closely. She is discovering that it is nice to have someone scratch your back and rub under your chin. She sleeps beside me in her crate every night but is an early riser. I have really missed taking pictures and videos and posting them to the blog. Hopefully in a few more weeks I can get some more good action shots. It is kind of hard to hold the camera wearing a back brace and using a cane. My lovely wife has posted a few new pictures to her blog if anyone would like to check them out.

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